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Good maintenance procedures for commercial air conditioners start after installation and you should always ensure that your filter is clean and clear of anycontaminates.

Whilst air filters can generally be cleaned by the business owner or maintenance staff, there are certain other items that must be regularly checked to ensure that the air conditioning system is running smoothly, for example refrigerant levels, cooling coils, condensing unit and drip trays.

In our experience, both new and old systems require some routine maintenance, and therefore at Perth Air we recommend regular preventative check ups in order to save you possible headaches and bigger costs in the long run.

Whilst the interval between servicing is largely dependent upon how long the system runs each day and how many people it serves, we recommend professional servicing for commercial air conditioning customers be undertaken on a mutually agreed timeframe, and that a service maintenance contract be established to ensure that no major problems occur with your air conditioning system.

Repair & Services
Repair & Services
Repair & Services

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